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  • Fri, January 16, 2015 11:00 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    HBA Spartanburg will again host a scattered lot Showcase the first two weekend of May.  Builders must be members to enter a home.  Join us!


    Please click below to review the agreement. 


    2015 HBA Showcase Participation Agreement
  • Wed, January 14, 2015 12:36 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)



    This is a question that often comes up.  The dues for the HBA of Spartanburg membership are $450 per year.  This amount is allocated to three different entities.  These entities include The National Association of Home Builders, Home Builders Association of S.C., and HBA of Greater Spartanburg.  HBAGS dues have not changed in three years , while the dues of the other two entities have increased. The Board felt that it was important, during economic recovery, to try to absorb the dues increases from the state and national into the HBA budget ; rather than pass it on to our members.

    For at least 6 years prior to 2013 HBA dues were $425 with an optional $25 for the S.C. Build Pac.  In 2012 the State Board voted to assess each member a onetime fee of $30.  For 2013, the Board decided that the dues amount would be $450 with nothing attributed to the Build Pac.  The thinking was that most members were used to paying the $450 and would continue to pay this.  HBAGS needed the extra $25 to offset the $30 assessment from HBASC.

    For at least 6 years prior to 2013, the dues breakdown looked like this:

    NAHB    $150.00

    HBASC      90.00

    HBAGS    185.00

    Total      $425.00

    For 2013, the dues breakdown looked like this:

    NAHB    $150.00

    HBASC    120.00 *

    HBAGS    180.00

    Total      $450.00

    HBASC Board voted to charge a onetime assessment per member of $30 to help cover the shortfall from the decline in membership *                


    For  2014 , the dues breakdown looked like this:

    NAHB    $166.00

    HBASC      92.00

    HBAGS    192.00

    Total     $450.00

    NAHB dues increase of $16.00.  HBASC onetime assessment per member was removed, but dues did increase by $2.00



    For 2015, the dues breakdown looks like this:

    NAHB    $182.00

    HBASC      94.00

    HBAGS    174.00

    Total      $450.00

    NAHB dues increase of $16.00.  HBASC dues increase of $2.00

    For 2015 we see a large increase from the NAHB and a small increase from HBASC.   HBA of Spartanburg Board has voted to absorb the increase, rather than raise your dues. 

    Prior to 2013, HBA Spartanburg received $185 of your $425 in dues.  Since then we are receiving an average of $176 of your $450 in dues.  On the local level, we have done everything possible to hold the line on the cost of running the association.  We are not a large hierarchical organization; but a grass roots organization with leadership consisting of men and women who have a very good understanding of the challenges all of our members face every single day.  

    So back to the question of where these dollars go. 

     The NAHB provides support for state and local associations.  The available benefits are too numerous to mention, but they range from member discounts to actual consulting services (some are free for members and some are not).  But the absolute most important thing they do in Washington is advocacy for the Home Building Industry.  They are one of the strongest and most powerful lobbying groups in D.C.  They monitor hundreds of regulatory and legislative proposals every year.  Their lobbying efforts alone are worth the price of membership.

    The same is true on the state level.  Mark Nix  (HBASC,  EO) and Matt Niehaus (HBASC,  Lobbyist) are very busy every legislative session, monitoring every proposal that affects the industry.  Building codes, land use, energy codes, property taxes, property rights, tort reform, and job site safety are just a few topics that come to mind when thinking of the onerous regulations that could burden the home building industry.  These regulations add cost to every home that is built or remodeled. 

    Finally, the amount that is allocated to HBAGS is allocated to the general operation of the association.  The Board , together with the EO, take a very conservative view of all things financial.  Expenses have been dramatically reduced.  The association has gone from red to black in the last three years.  In spite of a very challenging environment, we have achieved financial stability based on solid small business core principals : Work hard,  keep overhead low, treat your customers well, provide value. 

    The three  - NAHB, HBASC, and HBAGS –form the nation’s largest and strongest trade association.  The declining economy was challenging, but as Home Builders are apt to do….they have tightened their belts and are beginning to see the turn around as a reward.   Hang in there – your membership is appreciated and valued.

    HBA Spartanburg 12/30/2014

  • Mon, December 22, 2014 12:56 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Mark Nix of HBASC sent an OSHA update today. 

    New OSHA Reporting requirements beginning January 1, 2015

    With the New Year Comes New Reporting Requirements

    Beginning Jan. 1, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will require employers to report all work-related fatalities within eight hours and all in-patient hospitalizations, amputations and losses of an eye within 24 hours of being notified of the incident. In the past, employers only reported all workplace fatalities and when three or more workers were hospitalized in the same incident. Since September's announcement of its new requirements, OSHA has conducted extensive outreach to help employers understand the new standards. The agency recently held its first-ever Twitter chat on the subject, answering questions and directing the broader worker safety audience to useful resources.


    Learn about reporting requirements



    Read the Twitter chat



    Read the FAQs



    Thanks to Mark Nix, HBASC for keeping us updated 

  • Tue, October 21, 2014 8:48 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)
  • Tue, October 21, 2014 8:45 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Please take time to read Roger's thoughts on the planning process and land use regulation. Roger has long been a friend of the HBA .


    Roger Nutt on Planning and Land Use Regulations


  • Fri, October 10, 2014 9:31 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    PRO-Build is bringing the Katz Road Show to town on Wednesday, October 29



    PRO-Build, with support from WindsorONE, Andersen Windows and Doors, Festool and Typar, is proud to offer one day of hands-on building clinics with Rick Arnold, remodeling specialist and a nationally recognized author and teacher.  These clinics will highlight WindsorOne’s new line of Classic American Moldings, Andersen Windows, as well as new, innovative tools from Festool, and Typar’s weather protection system. Don’t miss the educational opportunity as well as the special discounts, giveaways, and coupons for some of the best tools and materials in the industry.   The event begins at 8:30 and ends at 2:30. 

    Contact Lisa Wilkie





    KATZ ROADSHOW & PRO-Build 10/29/2014


  • Fri, October 10, 2014 9:26 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Click on the link below for helpful information! 

    If you have not registered for supper , Friday Oct. 10 is the last day!


    Sporting Clays Booklet - Important information


  • Tue, October 07, 2014 3:34 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)


    The 2015 IRC Books are available now.  If you would like to order one, the HBA can get a slightly better price through another local HBA .  They have a membership with ICC and are entitled to a small discount.  We have a copy at the office that you are welcome to use in the office. 

    An important function of the HBA, HBASC, and NAHB is to monitor these type changes and make every effort to have our say in terms of changes that burden the industry .  A committee is being formed to study specific chapters in the code and send suggestions for modifications to HBASC.  They will compile suggestions from our locals all over S.C. and send them to the Building Codes Council.  We have had excellent response from this process in the past; and have save Home Builders many thousands of dollars through that effort.  Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this process.


  • Tue, October 07, 2014 3:30 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Hey Everybody,

    Get your pencil out and send us your registration for the HBA Sporting Clays event.  We have something fun for everybody.  If you are a beginner, come shoot trap.  The Spartanburg Gun Club expert instructor will be on hand to help.  More experienced shooters will want to register for the 50 target Sporting Clays course.  It's a beautiful 1.3 mile course...just a walk in the woods! 

    ASSOCIATES!- We are having a gun drawing just for you!  If you are registered to shoot in the Sporting Clays event, you will be registered to win the gun. 

    If you don't want to shoot at all, please join us for the meeting and supper.  Register for supper by Thursday please. 

  • Wed, September 17, 2014 3:48 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    Here it is.  What you've been waiting for. I'm waiting on my Pulitzer Prize nomination.  Enjoy!



    Link here to:  2014 September Newsletter


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