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  • Wed, September 30, 2015 8:51 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

       A lot of information has been sent regarding the courses that are being presented on Friday at the state convention.  The information may have been a  little disjointed. Hopefully this post will provide clarification.

       The courses that are available on Friday will fulfill the continuing education requirement for the HBA of Spartanburg accreditation.  As of now, these courses are the only way to fill the requirement in time to get the accreditation before the 2016 Showcase.  You do not have to be accredited to participate in the Showcase.   But there will be some enhanced marketing surrounding that event for the accredited Builders. 

        The following courses will be available at the state convention on Friday, October 23. 


    Friday Classes

    Top Legal and Tax Tips for Anyone Working in the Construction Industry

    Arnold Palmer stated, “The road to success is always under construction.” Unfortunately, in the construction industry there are many legal potholes to keep you from even getting on the road. Join Fred Gertz, with more than 20 years’ experience in real estate, construction and land use law, Judith Murray, CPA, Richard “Dick” Unger, Partner with Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, LLP and other legal professionals as they share the top legal tips (tax, HOA, contracts, permitting etc.) for anyone - new or seasoned - working in the construction industry.

    Instructors: Fred Gertz, Judith Murray and Dick Unger

    What’s New in the 2015 IRC and State Modifications?

    Get an early jump and thorough review and explanation of the significant changes for the 2015 International Residential Code and the adopted South Carolina Modifications that will likely be implemented on July 1, 2016.

    Instructor: Andy Barber, Owner of Generational Homes and HBASC Building Code Committee


    What’s Does the Money Want?

    Most private builders learned their trade in an industry where small and regional banks made construction loans based on existing market demand and on the quality of the location of the project. In the future, private institutional investors may replace those small banks, and they will care more about projected returns. Private builders will learn how to pitch their projects to financiers as if they were traditional investments with promised internal rates of return and healthy profit margins.

    Instructor: Rick Mandell, CEO of Aspen Portfolio Strategies, Inc.


    Home Buyer Insights -- Getting Inside the Minds of Today’s Home Buyers

    What if you could get inside the minds of today’s home buyers to better understand what motivates them, what inspires them, and what leads them to take action? Hear about the latest home buyer research and how it will impact your approach and messaging.

    Instructor:  BDX


    Best Cost Effective Structural Framing Practices for Strength and Energy Efficiency

    This course will also include an optional 30-45 minute mini-course for those in High Wind Areas.

    Instructor: Norbord


       There will be a morning session from 9:00 to 12:00.  Lunch will be served and then the afternoon session will begin.  ALL OF THE ABOVE COURSES WILL BE OFFERED IN BOTH MORNING AND AFTERNOON SESSIONs EXCEPT THE LAST ONE  - BEST COST EFFECTIVE FRAMING.  Best Cost Effective Framing is only offered in the morning. 

       You may choose which class you would like to attend when you arrive on site.  You do not need to commit at the time of registration.  Please see the information in the links below and consider joining us on Friday in Asheville.







  • Fri, September 18, 2015 11:00 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    The November meeting date was incorrectly reported in the September newsletter.  The date of the November meeting is Tuesday, November 11.  Note the change in your calendar and don't miss the grand opening of the new PRO-Build showroom! 

  • Thu, September 17, 2015 3:03 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)



    Thank you PNG, Glenn Garrett Construction, Kapasi Glass, C. L. Cannon and Sons

      Another great parking lot meeting and Fish Fry happened at 341 East Kennedy Street.  The sponsors above were all in for this great line up of food and fun.  Parking lot meetings have become meeting favorite for our members.  It feels like your back yard, but with your buddies hanging around. The food was absolutely exceptional with fresh fried fish, Venison and pork stew and great sides.  We are so fortunate to have members who love to cook good food!  Thank you!  Thank you!  

       Several important announcements were made including the following:  HBA has been in need of a By Laws "renovation".  Several Board members worked diligently to craft bylaws that are better suited to our current organization.  The biggest change is in the number of Board members.  We currently have 6 Builder members on the Executive Committee.  Under the new rules, the EC will be composed of 5 Builder members and 1 Associate VP.  Also the numbers of Builder and Associate Board Members will be reduced by one each.  You will also see that Executive Officers have a prominent role in planning the Showcase of Homes.  This will make us much more efficient when planning and executing this event.  Please read the NEW BYLAWS    before the next meeting.  Membership will be asked to vote on the bylaws at the October Meeting. 

       In addition to by laws, it was also announced that HBA of Spartanburg is introducing a voluntary accreditation program.   HBA Spartanburg committee members (Mark Autorino, Allen Bunn,  Manning Lynch, Len Reed, Mark Weizenecker)  have been meeting, planning, &  discussing a voluntary  accreditation initiative since we hosted the State HBA District 4 meeting on August 3.  The HBA Accreditation Committee is in the process of refining the requirements and firming up an overall plan for this program.  This would be a totally voluntary engagement on the part of our Builder members.  No one would be required to participate.    We would like to roll this out in January 2016.  As a service to our Builder members, currently, no fee will be involved in participation.   In order to get the program in the pipeline in time to market it with the 2016 Showcase, we must get moving.  If you are interested in participating in the program, you would need to get the required  6 hours of CE at the HBA SC State Convention on Fri. Oct. 23 . Mark Nix has offered us a special rate for lunch and 6 hours of classes on Friday.  These 6 hours would satisfy the CE requirement for accreditation.   We do not envision being able to offer our own classes before January so this is the best opportunity to get this done.   However, moving forward, we hope to offer classes locally that would be at little or no charge.  Other requirments are check list items that you can probably take care of from your desk.  More information will be forthcoming.  But the CE piece needed to be announced in order for you to take advantage of the State Convention classes.  Click right here  to see the COURSE SCHEDULE


    What's Going to Happen

    HBA October Membership Meeting and Sporting Clays Event

    Our 3rd  annual Stock Building Supply & Piedmont Natural Gas Sporting Clays event and September membership meeting  will be held on Thursday, October 29 at Spartanburg Gun Club. Also figuring into the successful equation for this event is the grill magic of Ty Cheek, Square One Construction.


    HBA SC State Convention  

     State Convention will be held the weekend of October 23 - 25.  All the info is RIGHT HERE

    HBA November Membership Meeting and PRO-Build New Showroom Grand Opening

    The HBA is excited to announce that our November membership meeting will be held in conjunction with the PRO-Build Showroom grand reopening on Wednesday, November 11 at 5:30.  Look for more details later, but put this great event on your calendar now!

    2016 Showcase of Homes
    It's coming ! First two weekends of May 2016.   Start thinking and planning now.  More information and chatter in October. 

    Please keep an eye on the
    HBA SPARTANBURG WEBSITE for updated information.

    What People are Talking About

     NPP is offering a new benefit with Sherwin Williams.  Click below to find our more.

    NPP Sherwin Williams Offer

    How do Members Save ? - Click Below



    How do Members Find Information? 





    September HBA Office Schedule

    The HBA office will not be open from September 18 through September 28.  Staff will be checking email every other day during that time .  If you should need something right away, please contact Allen Bunn.



  • Thu, September 03, 2015 11:07 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)


    What Happened?


      A lot happened!  HBA Table Top Night Happened.   It happened in a new venue, with lots of new vendors and friends , plenty of good food and drinks, and lots of fun.  Thanks so much to Bill Dehass, PRO-Build & Builders FirstSource and Scott McCarl, Huttig for their generous sponsorship of this event.  40+  vendors and building industry supporters were on hand to show us the latest in building materials and technology.  To start the evening off, HBA Members and vendors enjoyed complimentary drinks on the Azalea room patio at Spartanburg Downtown Marriott.  Members and guests enjoyed mingling, eating, drinking and learning.  We can do it all at the HBA!  Please click below to view a list of Table Top Vendors and their email addresses.




    This is what else happened.   The HBA of SC District 4 meeting was hosted by HBA Spartanburg on  Monday, August 3.  Mark Nix ( HBA of SC State EO),  Matt Niehaus (HBA of SC Governmental Affairs), , Nic Nicholson (HBA of SC special programs and events)   were on hand to update members on their work during this years'  S.C. Legislative session.  A thorough legislative update was delivered that included updates on code modifications, business license fees,  & HOA regulation.    The regulatory update included information on EPA Wetland Proposal and Clean Air Act, ISO-Building Enforcement, & DHEC storm water and septic tank rules and regulations.  Many other topics were discussed and lots of questions were answered.  If you would like further information on any of these topics, please contact the HBA of Spartanburg office.  The work we do on these issues benefits all home building professionals.  Please share what we do with you non member friends.  The HBA makes a difference - not just to members - but to every home building professional

    Your HBA Membership Saved You  $29,853-Yes It Did!

    What's Going to Happen

    September Membership Meeting & Fish Fry Night in America Sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas. IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO BE DISCUSSED

    Piedmont Natural Gas is graciously sponsoring our September membership meeting and Fish Fry Night in America.  Please join us on Monday, September 14 at 5:30 (Supper around 6:30) at the HBA Spartanburg office.  PNG is also towing a grill to the office, so arrive early to supervise our grill magicians.  A couple of other HBA Members will partner with us on this meeting. They are Glenn Garrett, Glen Garrett Construction & Mustan Kapasi, Kapasi Glass.  More on that later.   There could be a little Corn Hole going....maybe a little wager and some catching up on the latest!   Important business will be presented & discussed at this meeting.  These items include the following:   Bylaws Revisions.   Opportunity for a voluntary designation/accreditation for HBA Spartanburg builders. Please make a reservation by Thursday, September 10 at noon.  Guests are $20 each.  You may pay cash at the door or receive an invoice from the HBA.



    HBA of SC State Convention

     HBA of SC State Convention is changing seasons!  This year's event will be held the weekend of October 23 - 25.  A weekend full of fun, educational opporunities, networking, football watching, brewery touring, and games.  All the info is RIGHT HERE



    October Membership Meeting & Sporting Clays Event, Century 21 Raffle Drawing

    Think Sporting Clays and think STOCK Building Supply Todd Lanxton, Stock Building Supply "adopted" this event for it's HBA debut in 2013. Partnering with Todd,  is Piedmont Natural Gas and  Square One Construction.  The date for this event is set for October 29 at 2:30, Spartanburg Gun Club.  .  Ty Cheek, Square One Construction will be on hand to dazzle guests with his culinary talent.  And don't forget the gun raffle.  Sammy Sanders, Century Concrete is also a veteran partner with this event.  Century Concrete is, for the third year in a row, sponsoring the gun raffle.  Tickets are on sale now and the drawing will be during the meeting following the shoot. 






    Tickets are $20 each.  You do no need to be present to win.  Board Members and HBA Office have tickets       


    HBA Spartanburg is Coming to the Party

    ...with the help of Ben Womick, B.E. Womick GC.  Ben has generously agreed to volunteer his expertise in all things social media/digital technology for the good of the HBA.  He will be chairing and developing a Technology Development Committee for the HBA.    Thankfully, he has opened our eyes to the great demand for technological interaction and communication with our members.  Ben was employed by Universal Studios in Los Angeles before starting his own  general contracting company,  Technical Arts, Inc. Besides commercial and residential remodeling, Ben has been involved in international theme park building - and I'm not talking Six Flags. Thankfully his heart is in S.C. where he has reconnected with his high school sweet heart and has gone to work with his mentor and best friend, his Dad, Buddy Womick.   He's work is going to make us one of the cool kids.    Attend the Septmeber meeting to find our more. 


    What People are Talking About

     PayPal Invoicing

    Payment for HBA invoices by credit card are processed with a PayPal invoice.  PayPal has recently increased their service charge fee.  It is with regret that the HBA must increase our Administrative fee to 3%.  This will enable us to break even with the PayPal fee. That's the good news. The bad news is that PayPal has announced another increase in their fee structure.  We'll let the dust settle before we decide on another increase. 

    How do Members Save ? - Click Below



    How do Members Find Information? 




    September Office Schedule

    It's business as usual for the HBA for most of September.  However, vacations are needed so the staff will not be available from Friday, September 18 through Tuesday, September 29.  You may contact Allen Bunn if you have an emergency need or email the HBA at info@hbaspartanburg.com

  • Thu, September 03, 2015 11:04 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

    This is what we all want to hear.  Builders, get ready. The HBA is gearing up to help you.



  • Tue, July 21, 2015 11:39 AM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)


    Calling All Civic Minded People !
    Spartanburg Downtown Lions Club is hosting and "Come See What We Do for Our Community" event on Monday, July 27 at 12:30 at the downtown Marriott. You are invited for a free lunch and learning session. These folks are all in for Spartanburg, so please consider attending. They meet on Mondays at 12:30 at the Marriott. Thanks to Mustan Kapasi, Kapasi Glass for inviting HBA Members to attend.  Email Mustan at Mustan@kapasiglassmart.com   to let him know if you plan to attend.  In addition to his work for the Lions Club, Mustan is a valued HBA Member and enthusiastic advocate for the Home Building industry.  Thanks for all you do , Mustan!

  • Sun, June 21, 2015 9:50 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)


    Five Ways to Implement Universal Design in Your Home

    Whether you’re raising a young family or beginning to enjoy an empty nest, the design of your home should meet your changing needs. Families looking to customize their homes to suit their lifestyles both now and in the future can easily implement universal design techniques.

    Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design at a later point in time. Universal design enhances traditional design by incorporating elements that offer comfort, convenience and ease of use.

    Multigenerational families and first-time home owners alike will appreciate the often simple and inexpensive changes that make homes livable for all household members, regardless of age or ability. Homes with universal design are more user-friendly, require lower maintenance and complement an easy-living lifestyle.

    Here are five ways to implement universal design in your home:

    • Widen your doorways and hallways to accommodate strollers or relatives who might use a wheelchair. This allows everyone and everything to move more easily in and out of the house, and from room to room. Experts recommend 36-inch wide doors and 42-inch wide halls and stairways.
    • Build a stepless porch entry that will increase access and convenience without compromising aesthetics.
      Install non-slip surfaces on floors and bathtubs to help everyone stay sturdy on their feet.
    • Install handrails on steps and grab bars in bathrooms to provide more support for household members of all ages.
    • Use lever door handles. This easy-grip hardware allows family members and guests to more effortlessly open and close doors. Plus, you can switch out your faucet and drawer handles with C-shape or D-shape hardware for even greater ease of use.

    Home building and remodeling professionals who have earned the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) or Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) designations have received training on how to build or renovate a home so that the occupants can live in the home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of their age or ability level. They have been taught the strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically pleasing, barrier-free living environments. While most CAPS professionals are remodelers, an increasing number are general contractors, designers, architects, and health care professionals.

    To learn more about universal design or to find a home building or remodeling professional in the Spartanburg area, check our membership directory at www.hbaspartanburg.com.  Two CAPS designees are listed.

  • Thu, June 04, 2015 9:12 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)


    Please make your members aware of the upcoming changes in home closings. You may consider asking a local closing attorney to provide a short class on the issue or direct them to NAHB’s June 24 webinar and the link below.


    Goodbye HUD-1 Form. New Rules on Home Closings Take Effect on August 1

    Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will be instituting new rules on August 1 regarding disclosures under the Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act that will affect all home builders, particularly those with a real estate lending arm.

    Under the new procedures, four documents will be merged into two. The Good Faith Estimate and Truth in Lending disclosures will be eliminated and combined into a new single “Loan Estimate” form, or “LE.”

    In addition, the final Truth in Lending Disclosure and HUD-1 Settlement Statement are being replaced by the “Closing Disclosure,” or “CD.”

    What does this mean?

    First, the Loan Estimate must be delivered to the prospective buyer no later than three business days after receiving the application.

    Currently, the HUD-1 Settlement Statement can be presented to the buyer on the day of closing and any changes to the statement can take place during the loan closing.

    Under the new rule to take effect this summer, the biggest change is that the Closing Disclosure must be provided to the consumer a full three days prior to the closing, and if there are changes during that 72-hour period, the closing could be delayed.

    Be Ready a Week Before Closing

    To prevent any unwanted closing delays, a good rule of thumb is to have all the paperwork in order a week before the scheduled closing date. So if you want to close on August 10, make sure everything is ready on August 3.

    These new rules are intended to streamline the loan application process and make it easier for consumers to understand by clearly spelling out the most relevant details all on one page – the interest rate of the mortgage loan, the amount of the monthly payments and a listing of all the closing costs.

    For those applying for adjustable rate mortgages, the documents will explain how their interest rate and future monthly payments could change based on certain factors.

    During the rulemaking process, NAHB was actively involved, submitting comment letters both individually and with coalition partners urging the CFPB to ensure that any changes that would make it easier for consumers to understand and comply with the settlement process would not place any undue burdens on builders, lenders and other housing professionals.

    NAHB will be conducting a webinar on June 24 designed to educate and prepare our members for the impending changes and to show how builders can work proactively with lenders and settlement stakeholders to avoid unnecessary delays to closings. The webinar will also outline strategies to minimize potential issues by communicating with customers and business partners.

    View more details on the upcoming new lending rules.

    For more information, email Steve Linville at NAHB or call him at 800-368-5242 x8597.

  • Sat, January 31, 2015 5:42 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

     It is with great sadness that I let you know of the passing of F. Hugh Atkins.  He was a true Southern Gentleman, an ardent supporter of the Home Building industry, a charter member of the HBA of Spartanburg, a member of the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame and the list goes on.  His accomplishments, too numerous to mention.   Perhaps his most meaningful and lasting legacy is that of a loyal, generous, hilarious, and beloved friend.  Thank you Hugh! 




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