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Volunteer to Serve on 2023 Board or Committees

  • Wed, September 21, 2022
  • Fri, September 30, 2022
  • 5:00 PM
  • HBA Spartanburg


  • The President shall be a Builder member of this association. The President shall be the chief officer of this association and shall preside at its meetings, the Executive Committee meetings and those of the Board of Directors. The President shall be spokesperson of the association in matters of public policy. The President shall appoint all committees, shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and shall perform all other duties usual to such office.
  • The Vice President shall be a Builder Member of HBA Spartanburg. In the absence of the President, or upon direction, shall perform the duties of the President. The VP is considered to be the successor to the President the following year. The VP serves on the Executive Committee. This VP should have served on the Board of Directors for at least one year.
  • An Associate VP should be an Associate member of the association and shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee. The VP assists the President in the performance of their duties with emphasis on associate issues.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Association for coordinating the accounting of all moneys collected and disbursed by the association and shall render a monthly report to the Board of Directors and annual report to the membership and upon directions of the President, may perform other duties appropriate to this office. The Treasurer serves as on the Executive Committee.
  • The Secretary shall keep records of all official proceedings of this association and its Board of Directors, including the reports of committees and upon direction of the President, may perform other duties as necessary. (The EO takes the minutes for all meetings.) The Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • These are Directors who are Builders on the association's Board of Directors and serve one (1) year terms. There are 4 Builder Directors.
  • These are Directors who are Associates on the association's Board of Directors and serve one (1) year terms. There are 4 Associate Directors.
  • The board of directors are forming committees for 2023. These may include but not limited to: Membership, Programs & Events, Government Affairs and Finance. If you select Committee Members, we will be in contact with you to see which committee you'd like to serve on.

Registration is closed

 2023 Board of Directors & Committee Selections will be made soon!

Big changes are going to be happening soon! As a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater 
Spartanburg, you have the opportunity to help grow the association and move it forward! We need you to serve to make this happen - either on the Board or on a Committee!

Do you have what it takes to be on the Board?

2 Years as an Active Member of the Association 
(Attends meetings, events, etc.)

  Actively involved in your business 

Do you prefer to help on a committee?

Several Committees are forming now!

Training provided! 

Contact Lisia at the HBA Spartanburg by September 30th at
(864) 583-5471 * info@hbaspartanburg.com

Thank you for your consideration!


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