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Thu, August 25, 2016 3:45 PM | Mary Speed Lynch (Administrator)

In the latest version of the S.C. Builder Journal, you will find a "Letter from the President". This piece makes the case for HBA membership seem like a no brainer.  If non member building professionals would read this and let it sink in, they would RUN to their nearest HBA and join.  We are doing the heavy lifting and the advocacy for an entire industry.  Every building professional across the country is benefitting from the work of NAHB, state associations and local associations.     


REPRINT OF "Letter From the President", South Carolina Builder Journal 

As a contributing member of the construction industry you are all too aware that regulations come in many forms and are imposed by many levels of government. Your business will incur both direct and indirect costs. Those costs include; business license, permit, hook-up/tap, and impact fees and establish development and construction standards that either directly increase costs to builders and developers, or cause delays that translate to higher costs. New NAHB estimates based on the latest data show that, on average, regulations imposed by government at all levels account for almost 25 percent of the final price of a new single-family home built for sale. Three-fifths of this—14.6 percent of the final house price—is due to a higher price for a finished lot resulting from regulations imposed during the lot’s development. The other two-fifths—9.7 percent of the house price—is the result of costs incurred by the builder after purchasing the finished lot.  

In many areas across our country these regulatory costs are much higher and consequently take a much larger slice of your profitability. Not one aspect of our industry is exempt from these costs and forecasts note the trend of even higher regulatory costs. While your HBA legislative team has a record of success beating the regulatory barriers and their additional costs back we are literally plugging holes with our fingers in a regulatory dike ready to break loose. Our efforts, to date, have saved the home building industry more than $400 million in 2016 alone. This equates to more than $15,000 in additional costs on every house built in S.C., but we, as an Association, must be ready to support a more robust regulatory affairs program to defend our industry.  Your membership in the HBA is instrumental in our defense, but we will need to explore new avenues to support our Association and our member’s profitability.  

As the HBASC ramps down from a busy and productive legislative session we start to prepare for one of my favorite HBA events…the state convention. If you have never attended in the past please consider joining us this year. The convention will assist you in profitability as well. One of the many benefits of the convention is the intensive continuing education courses available for the membership, which I will cover in more detail below, but I truly look forward to the time to meet with my peers. Many of my professional successes started from this time to meet with friends across the state to share ideas and to meet new friends who will help me build on my success. If you are looking for new business partnerships and opportunities or looking for opportunities that will affect your bottom line in a positive way then you need to be registered at this year’s state convention. Just a sample of the classes being offered at convention (below) should start you on a path of a very profitable 2017. Please be sure to thank the sponsors of our convention. Without their support of the convention and our Association opportunities like these would not be made possible. I look forward to seeing each of you in Charleston.

  • Money Making Secrets

Learn from a panel of Builders, Energy Raters, Building Officials, Forensic/Industry Consultants, Dealers and Manufacturers in the South Carolina Home Building Industry about "Simple & Inexpensive" ideas to help you:

  • Decrease Build Time
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Build Better
  • Improve your Bottom Line

Come hear the panel of industry veterans and experts share their Money Making Secrets with you.

  • Understanding the Impact of Use Changes for Treated Wood
  • From Vacant House to Showcase Home  
  • Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience  
  • The Steps to Low Impact Development in S.C. 


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